What does CORE do?

Field Research

  • Turkey Barometers: CORE conducts longitudinal base research in primary problem areas.
  • Conceptual / Thematic Researches: Produces conceptual/thematic research in different thematic areas.
  • Development of Metrics: Conducts research to develop metrics that will facilitate the monitoring of many different topics.


  • Capacity Development: Designs and implements capacity development programs, and training to improve the research environment and train researchers.
  • Research Guidance: Provides guidance support for the design, scope, and analysis to the research.
  • Research Fund: Creates a research fund by collaborating with the private sector and funds to support continuous data production in essential areas. Under the fund, research is conducted with the participation of civil society and relevant stakeholders on different themes (women, children, youth, health, city, democracy, human rights, etc.). It organizes prizes, grant programs, incentives to encourage research.


CORE values the dissemination of findings as much as the research itself. It tries new generation methods for the presentation and sharing of information and knowledge, aims to be a hub where researchers will meet.


CORE contemplates the future of the research world, just like a researcher club. It researches, contemplates, tests new technologies and methods.