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In Turkey, the research environment has moved away from providing social benefits and nourishing politics and civil society. Researches and analyses are under the influence of neighborhoods; they are not independent, impartial, or reliable. Breaking news, rapidly changing agendas, and a heavy volume of subjects and problems prevent a deeper understanding of the roots of causes.

CORE aims to change this picture by increasing impartial, reliable, transparent, accountable, and objective information production, making data accessible to everyone, and contributing to the research environment.


CORE aims to contribute to developing Turkey’s research environment and to politics through field studies, research supports, data and information and knowledge sharing, and innovation studies.


CORE conducts field research and carries out baseline studies in Turkey's fundamental problem areas, preparing reports on social trends. It also develops innovative metrics.


CORE offers support to enhance research capabilities. It organizes trainings, provides guidance, and develops research funds and new financial models for researchers.


CORE seeks innovative ways to communicate research findings to a broad audience. It contemplates new research techniques and contributes to the development of novel methods that can transform the field of research.


CORE adopts a collective working approach and innovative research methods, leading the transformation of knowledge into societal benefit. It remains committed to the principles of impartiality, objectivity, and transparency at every stage of its research.

Participatory Methods

Makes research design processes comprehensive and interactive through workshops, interviews, and discussion panels. It discusses initial findings with experts and relevant stakeholders, emphasizing the deepening of findings and the acquisition of new perspectives.

Trackable Metrics

CORE aims to develop metrics that can both understand local dynamics and are compatible with international standards. CORE embraces the goal of experimenting with innovative methods and contributing new techniques to the research world.

Effective Communication

Shares significant findings from research with the public through media representatives and social media, seeking creative and effective ways to transfer knowledge.

Impartial / Objective / Transparent Knowledge Production ​

What Kind of Institute CORE is? ​

Produces knowledge for public benefit, with no hidden agendas.

Faithful to the truth. Doesn’t hide what is found, nor claims to know the unknown.

Doesn’t manipulate data. Shares all of it.

Transparent. Accountable to the public, justifies the produced knowledge.

Unbiased. Expresses opinions based on data in public debates, but doesn’t collect data to support a position, instead creates data to provide different perspectives in discussions.

Focused on understanding. Acts without prejudice.

Asks the right questions. Maintains curiosity, seeks root causes.

Reconsiders and reproduces the knowledge produced.

Aims to contribute to research environment, develops research skills, and trains researchers.

Focuses on guiding research.

Popularizes knowledge and seeks new ways to discuss it in the public arena.

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